Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from these two love birds!!!

The night began with homemade treats for Brad:

(and I need to keep telling myself that just because there are strawberries under that chocolate, it does not make it a healthy treat). :-)

And ended with a nice, romantic dinner at our favorite restaraunt, The Melting Pot.  They sure know how to treat their guests.  Brad had a full plate of shrimp, pork, chicken, and meat & they even brought me my own plate of fresh veggies and raviolis (I'm so used to just eatting the potatoes, brocolli, & mushrooms that come with the meal).  It goes without saying that it was WAY too much food for the two of us, but well worth it for our traditional night out on Valentine's Day!

The Love Martini... How pretty are these?!?

We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!



  1. what a spoiled boy my brother is!! haha. I too had chocolate covered strawberries, but I for one think they are the healthiest treat around...antioxidants & fruit! hahaha. or thats what I tell myself. Looks like a great valentines! PS: YOU LOOK HOTT LIKE FIRE SISTER!

  2. HA! I love the way you think!!! Makes me not feel so bad about eating half of them. ;-)

    Thanks for the compliments... I'm loving the straight hair & I finally fit into a pair of jeans I haven't worn since college (but, now that I put them on, I'm not sure why I loved them so much... haha)... Mom keeps telling me about a product you use in your hair by Bumble & Bumble... I can't wait to try it. The work that goes into straightening hair is for the birds...

    Looks like you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!! And I'm so glad to see so much blogging!!! :-) I <3 your blog!!

  3. Holy Moly that top picture looks aweful on my work computer compared to my home computer!!! The settings must be completely different here. Sorry if you're all seeing it the same way I am now. I'll have to work on that this week!!!