Friday, February 12, 2010


This is it!!!  I am officially admitting defeat!  After a week of exhaustion, headaches, a cold, & non-stop work, this is what I look like!  I am SOOOOO happy that we're coming up on the weekend (and a long one at that).  On top of it, I took next Thursday and Friday off from work so Brad and I can make a much needed trip to Pennsylvania to visit my grandfather.  I'm looking forward to seeing him & taking the few days away from the normal, everyday, routine.

I wonder how I pack so much into my life, get so overwhelmed & we don't even have kids yet!?!?  Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine that point.  All I can say is when that moment comes, I will be clearing most of my responsibilities off of my plate only to add on sleepless nights, ballet lessons, baseball practices, parent/teacher conferences, etc., etc., etc.  But, let's not think about that now... we're nowhere close to that point.

I do have to say, though, that after many breakdowns this week, I was inspired by a woman last night who is on our Relay for Life committee.  Her husband was diagnosed with cancer & is putting up one heck of a fight, but there she was at our event Kick-Off, with a smile on her face & trying to make the best of what was around her.  It makes me think, if somebody who is going through something so tragic can get through smiling, then I have no excuses!  You have to admire somebody like that!

So, some way... some how... I have to figure out how to do A LOT less stressing, and a little more relaxing.  This has become my new mission.  Unfortunately, it's a lot harder than it seems.


  1. I think you could use a sunny vacation like AZ! We could sit and read by the pool. I mentioned to Brad about coming out.

    Try to relax and I know that is easier said then done some times.
    Love, Mom

  2. A vacation is definitely a must & somewhere warm would be even better (especially with great company).

    There just aren't enough hours in a day... or maybe there are, I just spend too many of them behind a desk.

    We'll get where we want to be someday...