Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Sitting at my desk this morning, I wondered, "what could I POSSIBLY give up for Lent?!?"  I have become a creature of habit and find myself doing the same thing day in and day out... go to work, go to the gym, go back to work, go back to the gym, eat somewhere in between & go to sleep (very little time for rest and relaxation).  In previous years I have given up eating at restaraunts (which at the same time Brad gave up consuming alcohol, which made for a very uneventful St. Patrick's Day), I have given up sour cream (which was oh so difficult to do at the time, but now, I'm lucky if I eat it once every 3 months), and I have given up my potty mouth (which I should probably reconsider doing again this year)... but, Brad and I don't go to restaraunts that often, and there's really nothing more I can cut out of my diet.  I was stumped...  but, then it dawned on me... It's not so much that I need to give up anything, but rather gain something over the next 40 days (and hopefully keep with me for my lifetime).  I have decided that I need to reflect a little more on the path I am walking down... enjoy the moments God is blessing me with... and stop getting so worked up about the things that I'll never be able to change.  As Peter refers to in the quote above, when times get hard, I just need to remember that God is there to get me through.


  1. so, can I copy & paste this into my brain? haha. I need to slow down too. taht was my new years resolution. to enjoy the blessings, not to get so darn worked up & not to be quick to react & move. Sometimes I forget...thanks for the reminder:)

  2. Jenni, please do copy & paste... no trademarks to worry about. ;-) Brad's guilty pleasure right now is witnessing me working so hard not to get worked up... haha... It's much harder than it looks!! But, I have the patience of a 1 year old... Something I will have to look to God for when I lose it. Hope you are finding success in your new years resolution!! xoxo

  3. Dear Kalen, I like your message for Lent. I also try to reflect on such things during Lent because it is not all about the candy, etc. But, I did give up candy and ice cream.
    Love, Mom