Thursday, January 7, 2010

When we told you we killed the tree...

...We weren't kidding!!!
Notice all of the pine needles on the floor!!!

I've never killed a tree before... well, not before Christmas anyway!  It was really sad... and scary.  We were very hesitant to turn the lights on, but when we did we had the fire extinguisher handy! haha.

This was the clean up after dragging the tree outside.  I'm pretty sure there was only one pine needle still standing on the tree when all was said and done!  So sad... We really did get the perfect tree this year! :-(


  1. Kalen!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! This is hysterical lol!

  2. Did Brian & Heber tell you how we put the fire extinguisher under the tree when we turned the lights on while opening gifts?!? Yeah, that didn't last long!!! haha.