Friday, January 29, 2010

What are you doing?

It's 10:23 PM... What are YOU doing?  As I'm sure most of you are going to bed, or at least nestled into your pjs and relaxing at the end of your day, I am trying to stay committed to my goal of losing that dreaded 5 pounds in January.  With two days left to the month, I'm only a pound away, but as simple as it seams to lose it, it feels more like I'm trying to lose 10 pounds overnight!!  And as I put my workout off for today as long as I possibly could, I figured now was as good a time as ever to get that workout in for the day.  So, I got on this:

(I cannot wait for spring so I can start running outside again)

And this:

I <3 my Wii Fit (although I don't use it as a workout... more to keep me on track and accountable).

I am now WIDE awake and remember why I usually try to get my workout in right after work!  But, luckily tomorrow is Saturday and, unless Brad has come up with something to do, I have nowhere to be... except back on the two items above at some point in the day.  Oh, how you have to love the ongoing struggle of weight loss & fitness.

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