Saturday, January 23, 2010

Warren Kimble

I received an email on Wednesday that my favorite artist (thanks to my mom), Warren Kimble, would be opening his studio to the public today for demonstrations!  It's so funny because I never knew his studio was only one street over from where my family lived in Brandon!  I always knew he lived there, but really had no idea where all of his art came to life!!!  So, I conned Brad into making the trip up north for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I was sad to see Warren Kimble wasn't demonsrating his traditional folk art, but rather a printing effect.  Don't get me wrong, what he did was beautiful, but not the Warren Kimble artwork I know & love!!  It was still a pleasure and he was such a funny guy!

I even convinced him to capture a quick picture with me!! :-)  I also was able to get the truth out of him about the infamous "Basset Hound" picture that my mom insisted, for years, was a painting of our dog, Sheldon... Warren Kimble stated that it was just a generic dog... I'm going to pretend he lied to me.

Brad and I packed our snowshoes in hopes to get a hike in today, but at under 20 degrees, we decided not to.  I still took him up to Goshen in hopes to see a moose, but no such luck. :-(

It's ok... It was a beautiful day & fun to see the old stomping grounds.


  1. That's awesome that you got to go to his studio! I'm very jealous of that! I've grown to love Warren Kimble pictures and through mom's influence has found a wonderful supplier and began purchasing pictures! 2 up in my living room already! Glad you had a great time!

  2. It was one heck of an experience and I knew if we didn't do it yesterday, I never would have had the chance to do it again. I was surprised that he didn't have a single piece of his folk art hanging in his studio. He stressed that he wanted to get away from that... as an artist he wanted to grow, but hasn't forgotten what got him to where he is today. He said he does a few pieces here and there, but that he focused on a "Widows of War" line and now he's doing something completely different (which he was demonstrating). I was just looking for an example when I came across this:

    I LOVE IT!!! I think it will be the next thing I add to my collection. THe only picture I have that wasn't mom's is this one that I bought for Brad for Easter 2 years ago & it's still sitting in the package needing a frame:

    But, if you order off of the Warren Kimble website you can have them signed by him, which this one is. I would love to know where you have been ordering yours from and what the newest addition is!

    I don't have room for any more, really, but I would love to get a few little ones to hang above my shelf over my couch that change with the seasons I have the cow and the rabbit, but a Christmas/Winter one & a fall one would be nice. :-) I wish you guys lived closer so you could have experienced it with us!!! I think you would have really liked it! And Brad would have loved Jason there because I'm not sure he enjoyed it quite as much as I did although he did a great job at appeasing me. :-)

  3. I added a pig picture on the other side of the cow picture..I love it! Next on the list is the red barn for the middle...I tell Jason it reminds me of my roots...growing up on a farm!! He says..whatever makes you happy!! Haha...he's a good sport!
    I would have loved to have gone with you! It would have been a nice day out!
    Thanks for the links...I'll have to look up by buyer I use on eBay..she's great...they come in the frames, and you can pick a frame to fit your can even purchase frames. Remember that picture mom had of the stone looks similar to your house in Huff's Church? It desperately needs a new frame...I am purchasing a frame for it from the eBay seller to match my other frames! That's what's nice about can make sure all your frames match! Which I love!!!

  4. Very cool!!! Shame I don't do ebay, but if she's as good as you say she is and if her prices are cheap I may have to check her out for that frame for Brad's picture. :-)

    The painting you're referring to that was mom's was a painting of our house in Huff's Church... doesn't just look like it, that was it!! haha... They've since painted the wood red. I haven't been up there in years, but the last time I was it was red, not blue. I liked it much better in the country blue.

    Anyway, you'll definitely have to send me a link to her store so I can attempt to get a frame for the fish. All of my fraims are the country, wood boardered frames that are typical of a Warren Kimble setting. My other option is to go to the frame shop in Bennington where I'll spend an arm and a leg!! :-\

  5. OH Kalen, the picture of you and Warren is wonderful! That must have been a perfect day for you. I know how much you love his work and getting to see him must have made your day. So happy for you. Love, Mom