Sunday, January 31, 2010

Samuel Adams

The other night, while looking at Brad's work schedule for February, I realized that yesterday was going to be the last adventure Brad and I will get to take for a few weeks.  He's been making subtle hints (ok, maybe they lacked subtleness) about going on a brew tour.  We've tried to plan on going to numerous breweries throughout Vermont over the past couple of months, but the plans have always fallen through.  So, I thought yesterday would be as good a day as any to take him to the place where his favorite beer is brewed.

After dealing with locating a parking spot (as Brad said MANY times throughout the day... "you would think the largest American brewery would have more adequate parking available").  There were probably 20 parking spaces in the available lot that was home to a number of cafes, schools, and the brewery.  But, after many laps, we finally found a spot, only to find that the brewery was PACKED with primarily college frat kids looking for free beer.  As stressed as that made me, we decided to kill some time at the nearby cafe with a nice warm bowl of tomato basil soup!!!  It was so yummy!!!

Our tour began at 2:20pm, and as expected, once it began we were some happy people. :-)  Brad has been home brewing for a few months and this was like going on a field trip for him.  Half way through I remembered the tour guide saying there would be a quiz at the end... I was thinking, "I should probably start paying more attention or I'm bound to fail."  However, I don't think there was much of anything on the tour that Brad didn't already know, but boy was he like a kid in a candy store when we walked into a room decorated with dried hops.

I personally thought they looked beautiful & all I could think about is how I wanted to decorate my kitchen with them (in place of dried herbs).  I don't think Brad would object, however I may find them gone after he brews his next batch of beer.

And, of course, my favorite part of the tour was the free sampling at the end! :-)  We were able to sample three different beers: 1) Sam Adams Lager (which I was shocked with the number of people who had never had their signature beer); 2) Sam Adams Winter Ale; and the third and most exciting: Sam Adams Brick House Red.  What made this exciting wasn't the beer itself... I wasn't actually that fond of it, being that it was a RED beer, but the fact that you can't buy a case of it, it's not packaged in 6 packs, & the only place you can get it is at select bars throughout Boston, was overly exciting to me!  :-)

On a very sad note, I learned that Sam Adams will be discontinuing my favorite beer: Sam Adams White Ale and replacing it with Sam Adams Noble Pilsner (which should be out in the next few weeks).  This news almost brought a tear to my eye!! 

For a $2 donation from each of us, we walked out with a head full of knowledge, a belly full of beer (well, I did anyway... Brad had to drive), and a Samuel Adams sample glass (which, as Pam knows, my collection of small glasses are my favorite and they really come in handy when the little ones come to visit).

We had a nice day trip to Boston, even though my plans to go to the aquarium were diminished by the lack of time.  But, this was Brad's day.  After dragging him along to see Warren Kimble last week, it was only fair that I had to go taste test beer this weekend. ;-)


  1. What a fun day. I'm surprised they let you take pictures inside the building. How was the weather for the drive? Great pictures you have been taking.

  2. They encouraged us to take pictures (which made it that much more fun for me). The weather was great, although we were thinking it was going to snow after we came out of the brewery)... we never saw any.

    I'm loving the camera and always looking for things to take pictures of and new adventures for the picture aspect... haha... :-)