Thursday, January 7, 2010

PA - Take 2

After Brad went back to Vermont & after spending the first half of my vacation with family, I ventured out to Philadelphia to spend the second half of my vacation with my bestests!

Please forgive the pictures... they were taken with a camera phone...

Rockin' the scarves!!

Happy Birthday, Erica!!!  You can't beat ringing in the new year with a birthday celebration!!!

Joey, Erica, Brett, & moi!

Joey was sporting the NYE glasses!  Nothing beat the ones that Erica's parents got us from NYC... unfortunately, somebody broke into the bedroom we were all staying in & found them sitting on the desk.  We couldn't enjoy them to their fullest!  But, we didn't let that ruin our evening!!

Happy Twenty-Ten & Big Birthday Wishes, Erica!!!

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