Saturday, January 9, 2010

A new do and fun in the snow...

I got my locks cut this morning!!! :-)

Usually I go in and tell my stylist the same thing... "Just a trim and fix up the layers."  Well, after having the same hair for the last 10 years (if not more) I did something drastic (for me)... I GOT BANGS!!!  Not full fledge bangs... that's a little too drastic, but I went with a nice little side bang!  And on top of that I got even more intense layers than ever before.  Megan had 2 hours to kill so she went all out to straighten my locks.  SO MUCH FUN!!! :-)  This picture doesn't come close to displaying how much fun it is!

After my haircut and lunch with a great friend, Brad and I decided to head up the mountain to see the scenery.  We got a tip from a good friend that the top of the mountain was beautiful & photo-worthy, so we went to play.

But, we couldn't play long... It was soooo cold!!!


  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It looks fabulous!
    It also looks like a fun day.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. yay!! its letting me comment! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair & all the great snowy pictures! YOur brave! no way owuld I even step outside at 10 degrees. haha.

  3. It's negative 10 today. It doesn't make yesterday look so bad!!! And I had to wake up this AM and go to the gym... my car did NOT want to start!!! Thanks for the compliments ladies!!! So glad you can comment again, Jenni!!! :-)