Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Fun

I have so much to update on!!  Let's go back to PA...

We got some amazing stockings from Arizona!!  I don't think I'd ever seen stockings so big!!!
Thanks Mom & Dad!!!  We loved them!!!

I got to spend a lot of catch-up time with my favorite niece!!!  **I can say that because she's my only niece**  She is a piece of work and has a sense of humor like no other 4 year old I know.  I could laugh with her all day!!!

Brad enjoying the Blankenbiller Christmas party.

And then we made it to the Muthersbaugh Christmas party.  We can't have a party without a picture of Grandad and all of his great grand kids!  **So Cute**

Christmas was a lot of fun & seeing family was the best part about it!  We don't get to spend enough time in PA!!!

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