Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have a sweet tooth...

We're heading to a Christmas party tonight at Amanda & Jeremy's house.  When Amanda asked us to bring a dessert, we jumped at the opportunity (and any reason to use my Kitchen-Aid is good enough for me)!!  Amanda is my gym buddy and after indulging in these goodies tonight, I will need her motivation to wake up early tomorrow for step class.

We made Peppermint Bark:


Brad made pumpkin pie:


And finally, my super moist, red velvet cupcakes:

I cannot WAIT to indulge in these sweets!!!


  1. The peppermint bark was so good! I meant to try a cupcake too, but was saving it for later in the night. On the way home I realized I forgot to have one!! SO mad at myself lol!

  2. They were soooo good! I still have some at home that didn't fit on the platter. I wish I could say that I didn't have a chance to eat one, but I've had WAY too many! Thank goodness for the treadmill at the office. I spent my lunch break trying to work them off. I'll be sure to make them for the next Girl's Night. And to think, if we have one if February they will be very fitting for Valentine's Day! :-)