Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Heber

Yesterday was the 27th birthday of our dear friend, Heber.  Celebrations were in order for a fun filled night of friends and food.  Brad and I showed up early to Buca di Beppo's (one of his favorite restaraunts) for a wonderful surprise (or so we thought). 

Let's rewind...

At 'Girls Night' a few weeks ago, I had forgotten my jacket at Tara's house, so since she was the one putting on last night's celebration, I asked that she bring it with her... While Brad and I were shopping for a present for Heber, I texted his husband to make sure Heber didn't already have Martha Stewart's cupcake cookbook... he didn't, but little did I know, Heber was the one who answered the text... and before they entered the restaraunt, Tara yelled back for somebody to grab my coat... well, as they say, the cat was out of the bag.  Heber knew we were waiting with a big "Surprise!!!"  But, we didn't let that ruin the fun!

The Birthday Boy!!!

Great people to celebrate a wonderful day with!!!

It seems people like to bring a little snow with their birthdays. :-(

Happy Birthday, Heber!!!


  1. Haha, I felt so dumb when I realized what I had said about your coat! Whoa, hello! :) It was a great dinner- and you took some great pictures!

  2. I love your pix and somehow neglected to notice the one of the tree and snow. I'm stealing it and setting it as my wallpaper and there's nothing you can do bout it :) xoxo

  3. And to think you guys gave me so much grief for stopping to take a picture!!! haha! Enjoy it! :-) I'm charging next time. ;-)