Sunday, November 15, 2009

White Christmas

Last night, Brad & I went to Walmart where I decided it would be a good idea to pick up White Christmas on DVD (since I have two VHS copies and the VCR is about ready to head out the door).  For $14.99, I figured it wasn't a bad investment.  As a little girl, my mom always told me I would watch this movie MULTIPLE times throughout the year (including the summer).  Who needs it to be Christmas time to enjoy this classic film?  Poor Brad is going to get sick of it, I'm sure, by the end of the season, though.  :-)

Brad is working this morning and I thought it would be fun to be reminded of my childhood while I'm trying so hard to fight the holidays off for a few more weeks (although I love Christmas and love decorating for it, that I'm in such a hurry for the day after Thanksgiving so I can decorate).  I've decided that if we weren't having guests for Thanksgiving, we would be decorated for Christmas by now.  I don't know what has gotten into me this year (maybe the fact that we never got a tree last year since we didn't spend the holiday at home), so now I want to go overboard in a hurry!!  Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite scenes from my favorite movie with everyone! :-)

I love when Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye play out the "Sisters" Act!!! It may easily be the funniest part of the movie! :-)

At the age of 5 I aspired to be Vera Ellen!!! I was going to take years of dance classes and become a famous tap dancer. Unfortunately, those dance classes ended when I was 8. So much for that dream. ;-)

I love the section where the outfits come up. :-)

And who doesn't love the finale?!?

I'm hoping Brad's able to get that weekend off in December so I can plan a weekend to Rockefeller Center & go see this on Broadway (! :-)


  1. what a fun post. we are all thinking about you here!

  2. update! update! update!:) missing your awesome posts!

  3. I KNOW!!!! I've been so busy! I can't wait to update either tonight (quite possibly more so tomorrow night). We'll just see where the weekend takes us. :-) Unfortunately we don't have a lot planned... just getting ready for the Thanksgiving guests!

  4. White Christmas is the best movie ever and a must during the holidays.