Monday, November 2, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Last night, Brad and I threw together a quick date night. We had to run to Albany to get the warranty for my camera, so we thought we would try to enjoy ourselves while we were there (since it is an hour drive). We got to the mall right before it closed & being a Sunday night, there really wasn't much to do. Right now is a slow time at the movies (soon to pick up the pace) because the only movie I was remotely interested in seeing was:

... primarily because it was being shown in the IMAX theater.

We grabbed the bare necessities:

...and found our seats.  Mind you, I have never read the book & Brad and I joked that when we did go to see it, we would stop at Borders first so I could sit down and read it quickly. Since Borders was closed, that never happened.  But, I have to admit it was a great movie & I am so grateful I grabbed more napkins than we needed for the popcorn because I needed them to wipe my tears.  Brad laughed... I cried, but we enjoyed our night out & there will be many more movie dates in the weeks to come!!!

p.s.  Jenni, we couldn't stop singing the song on your blog!!!  We came home and played it as soon as we walked in the door!!!  I think Tre will love it (if he hasn't seen it already), but it may be a little scary.  I think if I was his age, there would be parts that would scare me, but then again, it may be expected from what you read in the book.  xoxo


  1. We used to read that story to the kids. I think Brad had/has the book somewhere in those boxes. Or maybe it could be in the memory box I put together for Brad. Jenni and I were talking about the movie the other day. Sounds like a fun date night. Love you...

  2. I actually got a few clips of the movie & decide it was a bot intense for my kids, but the soundtrack is awesome. Im glad you guys went to see that. I want to see it myself when it comes out. Im just loving your blog. keep it up!! It makes my day when you post!! Tell all your friends to share the love & make comments...because you know they are looking here & loving it too! your pictures are awesome & the way you write is fabulous! Keeps me coming back! haha

  3. You are too darn sweet, Jenni! I love this... I can't believe I didn't start one sooner! I keep telling my friends to create one of their own so I have more to read. I look for updates from you ALL of the time! I love reading about your daily happenings! This is, by far, better than Facebook!!! haha...

    About the movie, I said to Brad half way through that it seemed too scary for kids & Brad said the author of the book made a comment about the author was actually quoted as saying parents who are concerned about it being scary should go to hell... I decided to look up the exact quote:

    "I would tell them to go to hell," Sendak said. "And if children can't handle the story, they should "go home," he added. "Or wet your pants. Do whatever you like. But it's not a question that can be answered."

    I thought that was really harsh & pretty inappropriate. For goodness sake, if I was a little scared at 27, I can't imagine what Tre & Britton would think of it. How aweful would it be if one of their favorite books was ruined because the movie scared them?!? Anyway... off my soap box. Maybe in a few years they can enjoy it! I definitely recommend seeing it when it comes out on DVD (especially since you and Brad both read the book as kids). Mom, I kept asking Brad if certain parts happened in the book. He tried to remember as best as he could, but I think he needs a refresher when I finally read it. I will have to dig through the last set of boxes that came up with you to see if the book is here, but I don't think it's in the most recent boxes. Worst case scenario, I plop myself down at Borders for 5 minutes and read it. ;-)