Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What have you done to me?!?

Obviously my husband is a big influence in my life.  For 6 seasons I have stressed and stressed my hatred for what I liked to consider the worst television show next to Seinfeld.  Yet, here I sit, at 10pm, while my lovely husband is at work, watching none other than the worst TV show on the air:

...and I'm laughing!!

But, I think it's because I love this couple:

And I'm pretty sure if Brad and I worked in an office together, this would be us!!!  They're so darn cute!!!

Oh, the things he gets me into!


  1. As you know that is my favorite show. I guess your hooked right? Thursday nights.. The funny thing is I once had a boss just like him and the office dynamics were exactly the same. Maybe that is why I like it so much. LOL

  2. Welcome to the family. Rod & I love this show too. I started liking it in the season that Jim confessed his love for pam. thats funny taht you watch it even when Brad is working. what a good wife. ha