Monday, November 30, 2009

So Thankful...

We had one eventful weekend at the DeRoo household!  I had forgotten what it was like to be so busy, yet have so much fun, all in one weekend!!!

Brad made beer...

We tried it!!!

Brad made pie...

We ate it!!!

Brad found a tree...

We cut it!!!

And best of all, we had some very important people visit us from Pennsylvania to celebrate the holiday!!!

Bryn mastered her boxing skills on the Wii...

Dylan and Damon became great friends...

Pam and I caught up on life...

...while Bryn & Brad hung out...

...and Jason took a nap (or two).

We were very grateful to have them in Vermont & can't wait for Christmas to see them again!  The countdown begins!!!

We Love You and miss you already!!! 
Please come back to visit soon!


  1. Brad, you did me proud! The pie looked fabulous!

  2. that looks like so much fun & those kiddos are darling! you should make one of your own:) Im getting antsy! haha:) someone has to have a girl for the DeRoos...heaven knows I cant. ha. you two look like great host & hostess!

  3. Mom, the pie was DELICIOUS. It was one of his best thus far! He got the knife to everything before I could take a picture of it. Wish you could have seen the turkey... It looked YUM-O!!! But, again, he carved it before I even knew what was going on...haha.

    Jenni, hopefully soon Brad will hear good news and we can start trying. Trust me, I think we're as antsy as you are... and I pray daily that we are blessed with a girl, too. :-)

  4. Well, after almost 5 years the Muthersbaugh's return to Vermont was a success!!! Thank you so much for having us! We truly had a wonderful time and it was so great to stay up all night and catch up with you. Being so far away is hard, and we miss you guys so much, but the feeling of starting right off where we left off last time was great!

    The kids had a blast and haven't stopped talking about Damon! Poor boy is probably still exhausted!!

    Your day will come, but until then, enjoy your time together as a couple! Dylan is amazing and I couldn't imagine my life without him, but Bryn brings a different smile to my face everyday. So no matter what you are blessed with when the time comes, you will both be fabulous parents!

    We can't wait to see you at Christmas.