Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls Night...

Last night a good friend of mine hosted girls night. :-)  It was a lot of fun & I must add that I have an amazing husband.  While us girls indulged in great food and wine, my sweet husband wandered around the mall and attempted to occupy his time so Amanda and I could get home safely (the party was an hour away in Troy, NY & Amanda and I are the only ones from the Bennington,VT area).  He's so good to me! :-)

Our friends Tara & Carmen adopted this adorable puppy, Sal!  He kept falling asleep & believe it or not, he's sleeping in this picture:

And then he woke up:

He was full of kisses for Heber:

But, we finally got him to sit still and smile:

And then he fell asleep again:

Cheers to the girls... and Heber:

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