Sunday, November 8, 2009

This needed a title & I managed to forget to give it one...

Brad and I had date day on Saturday & since it takes me twice as long to get ready than he does, he decided to pass time by playing photographer.  I must say, there must be something in the DeRoo blood because between him and his sister, they just have a knack for this! 

He took a few of the river!

The next two are my favorite!!!

 And to think, he figured this camera out on his own... I need a class for it!  xoxo


  1. Beautiful pictures! How was date day? How did you like the movie? We have not gone yet? I do want to see it in IMAX.

  2. great photos!! you need photo shop kalen!!!! it will change your life! hahaha. lkove ya! hope date night was good! did you go see christmas carol? because if you soo jealous! haha.

  3. Isn't he a great photographer?!? I love these shots! Date day was a lot of fun. We went to Woodbury Commons (the big outlets at the end of the thruway). The movie was pretty neat! I wouldn't recommend it outside of IMAX 3D... and yet again, Jenni, the ghosts were pretty scary, so I don't know how good it is for the boys. Ask Brad, I jumped quite a few times. I have always been afraid of the Ghost of Christmas Future, so I don't think it mattered how he looked. But, Jacob Marley is disturbing!!!

    Jenni, I have photoshop on my Christmas list (amongst many other things). I think it's in my #1 choice of things I want (next to an external harddrive). This whole photography thing isn't cheep, but the way our computers go out on us, I can't be too safe. I've "lost" so many pictures already, I think it would be a smart thing for me to have. :-)