Sunday, October 25, 2009

A surprise from the South...

We had a very nice visit from Aunt Carol & Uncle Kevin over the weekend.  They greeted me with two big Home Depot boxes, a mattress, & lots of boards that they were oh-so-nice enough to bring up from North Carolina on their way through.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Unfortunately, Brad couldn't visit with them, too... as usual, he was in the office.  So, everything sat in the living room awaiting his arrival home!

Boy, was he excited to get to work when he got home, though...  He tore open the boxes & took me down memory lane & wasted no time in setting up the bed he loves SO much!

Damon was very curious, and just wanted to lend a paw!

Or just get in the way.

Brad worked very hard... it wasn't an easy task being a piece from IKEA & having no directions this time around.

But, he kept on going...

And Damon kept on smiling (I love this one)!!!  And before we knew it, there was a new bed in the room.

Thank you everyone for helping to get everything from North Carolina.  I don't know when we could have gotten down there with our busy schedules!!!  xoxo


  1. look at you madame photographer!!! those pictures are great! you are a better wife then I!!! I am not as good a sport about getting "old stuff" dropped off. haha. I told my mom just to throw it all away. she couldn't bring herself to do it. Im sure ill be the same way when my kids are grown. That was sweet of aunt carol & uncle kevin to stop by with brads things!!

  2. I can't get upset by the boxes... I now know how Brad felt when we were packing up my room at my moms house. I wanted to keep everything and he wanted me to throw most of it away. However, they are still sitting in the living room & I would be very happy if everything he wanted to keep went in a rubbermaid toat and put out in the shed. :-) And yes, it was VERY nice of Aunt Carol and Uncle Kevin. We are sooo grateful! BTW, I did point out to Brad that the "Fragile" written on the box was from his dear nephew, Tre... he asked how I knew that & of course the only way was from your blog! :-)