Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Every year I say we're going to buy our pumpkins earlier and spend a day at the pumpkin patch & every year Halloween creaps up on us and we never really get to spend the time preparing for the holiday as we would like.  Every year I say we're going to get our pumpkins from this place:

And every year we never make it... This year was no different than the past.  Actually, this year was even worse than past years... we carved our pumpkins ON Halloween!!!  And I think Brad has created a monster out of me... I used to be the simple, silly face on the pumpkin kind of girl, but ever since carving Snoopy last year, I get more and more daring...  However, I vow that next year, I am going back to the silly face pumpkin (I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel now).  And for once, Brad was done carving his pumpkin long before I was. 

We printed out our stencils & prepped our pumpkins:

(pumpkin seeds, anyone?)

Brad was going to town:

And as I worked...

...Brad finished:

And eventually, we both had a finished product:

(for some reason mine was green under the skin).



  1. I love the pumpkins. I always look forward to Halloween because both of you do such great designs on the pumpkins. It looks like you guys love doing them too. It makes a good tradition. We did not do pumpkins this year. I will miss the fresh pumpkin pie and seeds.

    The pumpkin patch in your photo looks like a fun place to go. Do they always do Vermont in pumpkins?

    Happy Halloween xxxooo

  2. I love that pumpkin patch!!! I pass it everyday on my way to and from work & EVERY year they put Vermont on the hill in little pumpkins!! I think that's why I love it so much. Otherwise, it's really nothing special. But, within the past week they didn't have much left for pumpkins (as you can see by the picture) and they close somewhere around 5pm, so it was always impossible for us to get there.

    I love pumpkin carving, too... it will be a nice tradition in our family.

    I asked Brad if he wanted me to make the pumpkin seeds (knowing I wouldn't eat them), I told him I've never had homemade pumpkin seeds that I've liked & he said, "then you've never had my moms." Thought you'd like to know that he thinks very highly of your pumpkin seeds.;-)

  3. Wow hun, yours is by far way better than mine, so proud you stuck with it!

    Love yah

  4. That place looks so darling!!! & look at those pumpkins! way crafty! youll have to teach me how to carve like that someday! YOu tweo are sweet as can be!! --im not sure how this is going to show up..but this is jenn:)

  5. Jen, Brad will have to show you... he's the master pumpkin carver!!! Hun, I still think you should have done the Couples palm trees!!! xoxo

  6. Great Carvings to the two of you!!! They look great! I wanted to carve out a Jamaican style pumpkin today but the weather here is yucky and I didn't want to drag Bryn out to get pumpkins! I hope they hold up till we see you at Thanksgiving!!