Sunday, October 25, 2009

Date Day continues...

After spending the morning at Fort Ticonderoga, there was still so much I wanted to show Brad.  All of the little adventures I know of in New England, I used to go to on field trips in elementary school.  Brad seemed amused by the Fort, but there was still one more museum that was near and dear to my heart & brings back so many great memories with my family.  After crossing Lake Champlain into Vermont, we drove to Woodstock, VT to visit Billings Farm & Museum.

We got to visit the newborns in the barn:

They were only 19 days old!!!

Then we visited with the Jersey cows:

This one LOVED me!!!

And then there were the lucky ones who got to enjoy the sunshine:

There were the working horses... They were BFFs:

The sheep were my favorite:

And she really liked Brad...

Someday I'll really miss Vermont...

But, I'll enjoy it while we're still here...

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