Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monster Mashing

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Happy Halloween!!!

Every year I say we're going to buy our pumpkins earlier and spend a day at the pumpkin patch & every year Halloween creaps up on us and we never really get to spend the time preparing for the holiday as we would like.  Every year I say we're going to get our pumpkins from this place:

And every year we never make it... This year was no different than the past.  Actually, this year was even worse than past years... we carved our pumpkins ON Halloween!!!  And I think Brad has created a monster out of me... I used to be the simple, silly face on the pumpkin kind of girl, but ever since carving Snoopy last year, I get more and more daring...  However, I vow that next year, I am going back to the silly face pumpkin (I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel now).  And for once, Brad was done carving his pumpkin long before I was. 

We printed out our stencils & prepped our pumpkins:

(pumpkin seeds, anyone?)

Brad was going to town:

And as I worked...

...Brad finished:

And eventually, we both had a finished product:

(for some reason mine was green under the skin).


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mail Time!!!

Boy did I send out a lot of mail to a lot of loved ones today!!!  Will you be so lucky to have a letter in your mailbox?!?  I hope so!!!

Being kids again...

Last night we went to our friends Jamie & Jen's home for dinner, but while we waited, we snuck in some fun time and photos with their kids Ciara & JT (I love this camera and can't wait until I have kids of my own to spoil with it).  I have to admit, Jamie and Jen have the cutest kids & we love any excuse to visit and catch up!

(Love This!!!)

After the little kids went to bed, the big kids wanted to play...

And I found the halloween candy...

My favorite!!!
We had a blast with the Wright's (as usual) and can't wait for our next get together in November!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My favorite thing about fall...

Enough Said... :-)

Food, Fun, & Good Friends

Saturday night Brad's department was invited to Deerfield Valley Rescue Unit's 35th anniversary dinner.  Since Brad works so closely with the group on a regular basis, we thought we would show our respect for all of the hard work they do for the community (and it was a great excuse to see good friends).  We had a lot of fun & met a lot of nice people.  I wish these events happened more often.

Brad & his co-worker, Greg, all dressed up for the occasion!

Don't look so happy, Brad!!!  Needless to say, I didn't take these pictures... I would have forced a smile out of him.

The girls know how to smile! :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loving him...

A surprise from the South...

We had a very nice visit from Aunt Carol & Uncle Kevin over the weekend.  They greeted me with two big Home Depot boxes, a mattress, & lots of boards that they were oh-so-nice enough to bring up from North Carolina on their way through.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Unfortunately, Brad couldn't visit with them, too... as usual, he was in the office.  So, everything sat in the living room awaiting his arrival home!

Boy, was he excited to get to work when he got home, though...  He tore open the boxes & took me down memory lane & wasted no time in setting up the bed he loves SO much!

Damon was very curious, and just wanted to lend a paw!

Or just get in the way.

Brad worked very hard... it wasn't an easy task being a piece from IKEA & having no directions this time around.

But, he kept on going...

And Damon kept on smiling (I love this one)!!!  And before we knew it, there was a new bed in the room.

Thank you everyone for helping to get everything from North Carolina.  I don't know when we could have gotten down there with our busy schedules!!!  xoxo

Date Day continues...

After spending the morning at Fort Ticonderoga, there was still so much I wanted to show Brad.  All of the little adventures I know of in New England, I used to go to on field trips in elementary school.  Brad seemed amused by the Fort, but there was still one more museum that was near and dear to my heart & brings back so many great memories with my family.  After crossing Lake Champlain into Vermont, we drove to Woodstock, VT to visit Billings Farm & Museum.

We got to visit the newborns in the barn:

They were only 19 days old!!!

Then we visited with the Jersey cows:

This one LOVED me!!!

And then there were the lucky ones who got to enjoy the sunshine:

There were the working horses... They were BFFs:

The sheep were my favorite:

And she really liked Brad...

Someday I'll really miss Vermont...

But, I'll enjoy it while we're still here...

Date Day...

Although they seem few and far between, Brad and I love our date days.  I took a day off from work last week when he finally got a day off & we planned a trip to Fort Ticonderoga in the Adirondacks of New York.  It was a beautiful day (a little chilly, but it was the day everyone was expecting their first snow fall).  We got the beautiful foliage we were hoping for & none of that bitter white stuff.

Brad loved this little monument that we came across as we drove into the museum.

So, we took lots of pictures of it...

Brad loves history...

...and cannons...

...and me. <3

and I love him!!!  Is that a heart shaped rock in front of him?!? xoxo


I was having fun with the camera.

We can't go anywhere without playing with guns...

It turned out to be a beautiful day in Ticonderoga, NY!  I <3 Date Day!!!

After Fort Ticonderoga we decided to take the ferry over to Vermont... They were selling yummy apples on board...

And the best part... They flew a Jamaican flag!!!

We're almost at shore.  Where will our next adventure take us?!?