Thursday, August 2, 2018


One of my favorite memories growing up was cutting down our own Christmas tree.  In the days of artificial trees, we have driven many miles to be sure we can continue on the tradition of a live tree with our girls.
When we left Vermont and started moving further and further south, this became a real concern of mine, but we were always lucky enough to find a real tree and in Texas, of all places, we were still able to cut our own.  I know the girls LOVED this.
So, moving to Florida, I received a lot of recommendations for a few nearby tree farms.  I was so excited... I thought for sure we would find our tree at one of them, but what nobody told me is how most of them are already dying before they even leave the farms due to the high heat in Florida.  I mean, they even spray paint them purple when they turn brown to try to get somebody to buy them. 👀👀
We drove up near the Florida/Georgia line, but their trees were so short.  Then we drove an hour and a half south to another farm, and sure enough, theirs were all dying.  I knew for sure they wouldn't make it to next week, let alone Christmas.
At this point, Brad and I were exhausted so we decided that this year a tree tent would do the trick.  And, the girls were just as excited about running through all of the pre-trees as they were about the farms.  Apparently, they're much easier to please.
When we found our perfect tree, we loaded it up on the car and headed home.  Note to self: wait an extra week or two to buy a pre-cut tree next year.  They don't last nearly as long as the fresh  cut ones.  Lesson learned!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


It is no surprise that Christmas is my favorite holiday, but typically I have the willpower to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating.  
And this year I didn't skip a beat!
This is the first year in a while our tree wasn't going to fit in our living room, so I decided we would have to put up a small artificial tree in the living room to give that holiday feel.
And, of course, when Christmas decorations come out, Daddy makes the BEST cup of hot cocoa with his girls to get them in the spirit, too!


The air show was in town, so we packed up the car and stood on the hot tarmac in the blazing sun for hours!  But, the show never disappoints and the girls loved seeing the planes make different shapes and patterns in the sky.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The Girl Scouts participated in a local Halloween Parade, so I was rushed to get their costumes in order a little more-so than usual.  Norah REALLY wanted to be Vampirina, who is a new character, so finding a cute costume was challenging, but I threw something together quickly.  With a little puff paint and the perfect little headband from Target, she stuffed oversized teeth in her mouth and VOILA!  The cutest Vampirina I've ever seen!
Piper is ALL about Peppa Pig this year. Her little George stuffy from our friend Charlotte goes EVERYWHERE with her. In previous years their costumes had always complimented each other, but this year it was clear that their interests are very distinct.  They know what they like and this mama just had to step aside and embrace it!

We joined our friends on Halloween to Trick-or-Treat in their neighborhood.  The girls loved EVERY second of grabbing candy from strangers.  Norah was very brave this year and begged to go into the haunted houses that were set up at some of the homes.  Brad braved that storm and surprisingly she came out laughing after each of them.  She does not get that from me.  Piper just wanted all of the lollipops... at the same time.

Monday, July 30, 2018


I was beyond excited to find out Norah was at the age to join Girl Scouts this year.  She joined a troop that was a mix of Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. For her first event outside of a meeting the girls met at a local pumpkin patch and corn maze and had a blast!  She loved every minute of it!