Thursday, January 4, 2018


We made it!
We arrived in Jacksonville bright and early in the morning with only enough energy to jump in the elevator to our hotel room and start moving our stuff in.  The girls had slept most of the way, so they were ready to play & after being cooped up in the car for nearly a day, we took them out to the river to get some wiggles out.
Moving into a hotel room for a few weeks will certainly have it's challenges.  Minimal toys, minimal space, no full kitchen, but the girls don't seem to mind... they're just happy to be back with their daddy... and we find fun ways to play from dance parties in the living room to 52 card pickup. Norah even begged Brad to read her a book about the history of the military. 😂

My first impression of Jacksonville wasn't the best, but I will say that these big blue skies and puffy white clouds really stand out to me!  I love how bright it is here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


And, here we are...
The day we had been dreading for over 5 months.
The day we packed our house up and drove off, leaving it in the hands of our realtor to find the next family to love it as much as we did.
We fought back so many tears as we piled the car up with everything we needed to get by for a month.
We took one last photo in front of the place we will forever call "home" and piled in the car like sardines for a 1,000 mile drive to the East Coast.  Piper's reaction is how all of us were feeling on the inside.  It's amazing that this moment was 5 months ago {yes, I'm that far behind on blogging}, and yet, here I am, in tears, missing this place more than I have ever missed a place before.
Brad promises me constantly that we will move back to Texas again someday.  That someday can't come soon enough!

We couldn't have hit worse weather along the way... I'm talking blinding and flooding downpours.  
And, it seemed to hit any time I took over driving duties.
We stopped somewhere in Mississippi along the way for dinner & to let the girls get their wiggles out.  They really did a great job on the trip.  Lots of sleeping, lots of movie watching, and very little fussing that they had to be in a car for 18 hours.
We arrived in Jacksonville early the following morning... just in time to get our day started and for Mommy & Daddy to pray for nap time.


This year we celebrated Father's Day a little bit late with Brad since he didn't arrive home until the night after.
There was definitely little "kick your feet up and relax" for him this year since we had to get our house in tip top shape to put it on the market, but that didn't mean we couldn't shower him with love & presents.
My Aunt Mona has this amazing business, Godwinks by Mona.
Most of her items are created with hand picked sea glass from beaches all over the U.S.  I had a vision and asked if she could make it come to life &, as per usual, she didn't disappoint.  She is one of the most creative people I know & I just love how the photo of our first home came together!  I knew how hard this move was for Brad... especially since he didn't get 5 extra months to come to grips with it like I had, so I thought this gift would be extra special for us to have that little piece of home in every place we go.
**Thank you, Aunt Mona** 

Monday, December 18, 2017


This is it... the day we had waited 5 months for.
Brad was FINALLY coming home!!!
This was such a bittersweet moment for us... more sweet, for sure, since we were being reunited again, but we knew we only had a few more days left in OUR first home.
Brad was flying in late... so late.
We toyed with the idea of him getting an Uber home or putting the girls in the car to meet him at the gate.  Ultimately, meeting him there won.  I have been to the DFW airport a number of times to drop Brad off and pick him up from the airport... We have flown in and out of there before... but for whatever reason, this time was the most confusing of all.
I have never been so lost at the airport before. I made 4 laps around the entire airport trying to find gate C {this is no exaggeration}, asked an employee at the parking lot for directions, left the airport twice {I don't even know what I paid in tolls because I kept finding my way outside of the airport gates} and I was still so lost... and so late!  He had long since landed and was waiting for us to greet him.  But, I finally found the parking garage for his gate and loaded the girls up in their stroller & headed towards him... And then, of course, I couldn't find the gate... I asked 3 people, 2 of which were stewardesses who probably didn't know much about DFW and one was a security guard.  You would think I have never been to this airport, but I have and yet, today of all days, I couldn't figure out which side was up.  I finally found, what I thought, was Brad's gate and waited... and waited... and then somebody told me the flight from Jacksonville landed 20 minutes prior, but Brad was nowhere to be found.
Turns out they changed the baggage claim to a different gate, but Brad only brought a carry-on, so there was no reason for him to even head in that direction.  Thank goodness for cell phones... after a few texts and a few tears from me, he told me to stand still and he would meet us at baggage claim.
And, when he turned the corner, the size of Norah's eyes tripled.
She was ecstatic to have her Daddy back!  I wasn't sure she was ever going to let go!
Piper, she was a bit more timid... but, that's Piper.  And, when he left, she wasn't even 2 years old, so I'm sure she couldn't wrap her head around any of the goings on of the last few months and why Daddy lived in an iPad.
But, nonetheless, he was home & we were all together again.


Our schedule for the move must have changed a million and one times.
We got an invite to Norah's BFF's birthday party long before we were ready to move, but we didn't think we would still be in Texas at the time.  To our surprise, the Navy had other plans.
This was our last big hoorah with Charlotte before our departure.
We sure miss this sweet girl.
I think tears are shed at least once a week over how much she is missed.  We can't wait until they visit Florida in a few months! :)


Oh man... this day... I was sooooo sick, fighting a double ear and sinus infection while having to be full time mom and getting the house in order to sell while Brad was in Florida.  I was so so so tired and after much convincing from our real estate agent, our friends, and my husband, I finally decided to pack the girls up and go to urgent care for some TLC.
And then I opened the garage door to the heaviest rain I think we had seen in Texas since the day we moved there, so we went back inside with two sad girls that just wanted to jump in muddy puddles.
When the rain died down a little bit, I took them out and let them have their fun.  Piper had been working on her jumping for weeks.  This was the first time she was able to get both feet off of the ground.  Urgent care had to wait another day since we just missed the cutoff for their business hours, but this was so much more fun than getting antibiotics, anyway. ;)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Sometimes you just have to document the little moments throughout your day.