Wednesday, January 18, 2017


With birthdays around the corner, a visit from Omah and Opah were in full effect!  And what better way to welcome them than with a trip to the ice cream truck!!!
I love how Norah & Omah are going through the menu together.
If there's one thing I can say, it's that Norah takes after her mommy... nothing better than a plain Jane vanilla ice cream cone...
...all over your face & in your hair. ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Brad was traveling for the girls' birthdays this year, so we decided we would celebrate a few days early by taking them down to the American Girl Cafe in Dallas.
It was like a dream come true for Norah!
We grabbed the girls' favorite dolls and headed towards the city.
This was their first trip to the store {with many more to follow}!
I'm not even sure Norah would be this excited about going to Disney World!!  Like a kid in a candy shop, they say!!

Norah had a tic-tac-toe pizza & they came out with a beautiful birthday cake for dessert.  The girls got a gift bag full of birthday surprises for their dolls {which I think I set down somewhere in the store while trying to wrangle Piper... they were so nice to replace one of the two bags}. 

Norah got her doll's hair styled... she even got to pick out the style and the color ribbons she wanted in "Grace's" hair & then we let her pick out an item for her doll.  She picked out an adorable blue "bicycle" outfit from Samantha's line. 

I will admit, although we were celebrating both of the girls special days, the focus was more on Norah since American Girl is very much her thing {of course, over time it has become Piper's, too, but she wasn't so into it when she turned 1}.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The girls woke up on Easter morning to baskets overflowing with sweets and goodies!
This was Piper's first Easter & she was in heaven!
I remember Norah's first couple of holidays and how she just looked at us, unsure of what the purpose was and what she should do, but Piper caught on extra quick!  She was just as excited to dig into her basket as Norah was.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Today I took the girls to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.
Brad had training, so I put Piper in the Tula and took the girls on my own.  Norah hit the jackpot at the Easter egg hunt and then went on to enjoy the festivities with a pony ride, face paint, and jump houses.  She even made a new friend at the petting zoo.  They walked hand in hand the entire time {I have no clue who she is or who her parents are}!

When we got home, we dyed Easter eggs.
This is always one of my favorite activities.
Norah's so good at it!
And, since we knew Piper {and most likely our carpet} would be covered in dye, we gave her her very own bowl of water and plastic Easter egg.  She spent most of the time drinking the water up out of the bowl.

Norah is growing up so much!
I just love her smile & that messy top bun!!!
The sassy look in one of the photos, not so much, but it sure shows how much she's growing in her personality, too!