Tuesday, March 13, 2018


We are still sightseeing around the city.
It's easy to do considering we still don't have our household goods, so why not get out and explore.
Brad was leaving the following day for school in Maine for 2 weeks.  To say I was uncomfortable with him being gone is an understatement.  We're still not familiar with the area and our first impression hasn't been great.  It's hard to get your hubby back for a few short weeks only for him to have to turn around and go back out.  But, we tried to make the best of it and took the girls into downtown to check out the area and have dinner at an Irish restaurant at the Landing.


We have been in Florida for almost 2 weeks and got ourselves in a house.  We were waiting and banking on base housing since we aren't sure we'll even be here for a year, but with Brad's class schedule and our need to get our belongings out of our Texas house {since we received an offer on it in less than 48 hours}, we had to jump on the first house we saw.  So, we moved out of the hotel and into a VERY empty house.  The base lent us dishes and pots and pans until our goods arrive and the girls have been setting them up and bowling with them and their ginormous bouncy balls.
I think we're all happy to be out of the hotel, but I shed big tears on settling so quickly on this rental.  It's so much more difficult to PCS once you have kids in school & knowing that you're stationed in one of the state's worst school districts.  We obviously want the best for our kiddos, but statistically, military bases just aren't in the best areas & this has been the worst one we've been to, yet.  I take deep breathes and pray big prayers that we will be in a better area next year.  For the time being, we're just trying to make the best of what we have.

And, what we have here are good friends.
It really is my saving grace to living here.
When Brad came out here before picking us up in Texas, he found out that one of his good buddies from boot camp lived behind one of our Texas friends.  What are the odds?!
They throw the best get-togethers and we go on the best adventures.
They have 2 kiddos just a little younger than ours and they have all become really great friends & I love that!
They threw a little 4th of July shindig.
There was swimming, sparklers, and great food!
What more could we ask for?!

Monday, March 12, 2018


When Brad's at school all day, I take the girls to play.
I saw this little playground over by base housing while we were driving around the other night, so we walked down and got them out of the itty bitty hotel room for a bit.


Another day at the hotel, enjoying the blue skies and fluffy white Florida clouds.  The humidity is fierce in Florida.  It rains every night around dinner time... and not just a sprinkle... full on showers where, if you happen to be driving, they're blinding.
Last night we watched the rescue swimmers jump into this river during treacherous weather for training.  It was fascinating to see, but add it to the list of things I can go without doing in my life. ;)  
Jacksonville is called "The River City."  According to Google they have 8 MAJOR bridges {think the Ben Franklin in Philly for comparison}.  There is so much water surrounding this city.  We're not used to that coming from Dallas & the girls are just in love with the idea of having a river in their {temporary} back yard.


Tickles & pillow fights!!!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


We made it!
We arrived in Jacksonville bright and early in the morning with only enough energy to jump in the elevator to our hotel room and start moving our stuff in.  The girls had slept most of the way, so they were ready to play & after being cooped up in the car for nearly a day, we took them out to the river to get some wiggles out.
Moving into a hotel room for a few weeks will certainly have it's challenges.  Minimal toys, minimal space, no full kitchen, but the girls don't seem to mind... they're just happy to be back with their daddy... and we find fun ways to play from dance parties in the living room to 52 card pickup. Norah even begged Brad to read her a book about the history of the military. 😂

My first impression of Jacksonville wasn't the best, but I will say that these big blue skies and puffy white clouds really stand out to me!  I love how bright it is here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


And, here we are...
The day we had been dreading for over 5 months.
The day we packed our house up and drove off, leaving it in the hands of our realtor to find the next family to love it as much as we did.
We fought back so many tears as we piled the car up with everything we needed to get by for a month.
We took one last photo in front of the place we will forever call "home" and piled in the car like sardines for a 1,000 mile drive to the East Coast.  Piper's reaction is how all of us were feeling on the inside.  It's amazing that this moment was 5 months ago {yes, I'm that far behind on blogging}, and yet, here I am, in tears, missing this place more than I have ever missed a place before.
Brad promises me constantly that we will move back to Texas again someday.  That someday can't come soon enough!

We couldn't have hit worse weather along the way... I'm talking blinding and flooding downpours.  
And, it seemed to hit any time I took over driving duties.
We stopped somewhere in Mississippi along the way for dinner & to let the girls get their wiggles out.  They really did a great job on the trip.  Lots of sleeping, lots of movie watching, and very little fussing that they had to be in a car for 18 hours.
We arrived in Jacksonville early the following morning... just in time to get our day started and for Mommy & Daddy to pray for nap time.