Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Sometimes you just have to document the little moments throughout your day.


Everywhere we have lived, Norah has made friends.
Moving away from them has always been hard on us, but this time takes the cake.
Norah met Charlotte when she started preschool... only to find out she lived 2 doors down from us.
They hit it off right away... and her mama and I became best friends.
There is something to be said about your neighbor being your bff... It made playdates effortless & when you needed somebody to watch your kiddos at the drop of a hat, we had each other.
This was one of the last days we watched Charlotte and her brother.
These girls adore each other.
Norah still cries herself to sleep some nights after 5 months of moving away from Texas.  She misses Charlotte like crazy!
I know the moves will only get harder from here.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Today was Norah's last day of Preschool!
After giving her teachers lots of hugs and shedding lots of tears {more so me since Norah wasn't grasping that this was the last time she was going to see them}, I took the girls to their favorite restaurant to celebrate & then off to take Norah's last day photo.
Norah wasn't really up for the photos, but after a little bribery, I got two to document.  It's crazy to see the difference a few months makes in her baby face!


They say the best gift is the box it came in, no??

Friday, September 29, 2017


It is so hard to believe how quickly this year has flown by!
I feel like just yesterday I was crying that my baby was going into Preschool and today I'm crying because my baby is graduating from Preschool!  They weren't kidding when they said the years go by quickly once your kids reach school age.

Norah was a nervous wreck!
I spent the entire graduation wondering if she was going to keep her lunch down.
She didn't smile and she was as pale as a ghost.
And, forget about the songs her class sang.
For the performer she is at home, you would never believe it with how terrified she was to be in front of all of the parents today.

The teachers threw the kids a little farewell party in the classroom with yummy cake and lots of hugs.  
Norah's teachers were fantastic!!!  We just ADORE them!!!
So much so that when it came time for Brad to leave for school, they were a major deciding factor on us staying behind to let Norah finish the school year.  They are such a big part of her life that I was terrified to tear her away from that.  And, when I looked at her teacher getting all of the kids in their place at their graduation ceremony, and saw her holding back tears, I couldn't help but shed a few myself.  They will forever hold such a special place in my heart because I know they love Norah & I hope she always carries their compassion and patience through the rest of her life!
I cried today, a little bit because my baby is growing up, but a lot more because I know this chapter is coming to a close.  We are saying goodbye to these amazing people that helped my baby grow & this amazing place that we so easily called home!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


My birthday is never a big deal because it's just me & the girls every year & this year Norah was in school, 
so we didn't go out and enjoy the day like previous years.
My day consisted of coffee & baby snuggles, driving around town like a mad woman getting cake {because it's not a birthday without cake},
 and taking Norah to and from school.
But, from a million miles away, Brad arranged for my BFF to watch the girls the night of my birthday & sent me off for a 2 hour massage!!  
I got back to pick up the girls and my BFF baked me a cake!!
She is really the best friend a girl could ask for!!  I miss her like crazy!
So, of course we ate her yummy, homemade cake, & the following night, we had the Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert!
Piper LOVED singing Happy Birthday and the girls helped me blow out my birthday candles & I made the best wish to date!
Who said birthdays only had to be one day??


I miss our itty bitty Texas back yard that was fenced in and I could just send the girls out to play!
It was a typical Texas May day... the pools weren't open quite yet, but we weren't going to let that stop us from having some water fun.
Piper stripped off her bottoms and Norah insisted on wearing her new bathing suit that she got from her Aunt Jenni & family for her birthday.  They broke out in dance when Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" came on Pandora and gave themselves a makeshift tubby in the galvanized tubs.