Sunday, October 14, 2018


Christmas time and weekends are my favorite!
This weekend we decided to take a trip to one of the local drive through light attractions.
We struggled finding good Christmas lights here this year, so this was the highlight, but next year, we will be on the hunt for epic Christmas lights.

The following morning, we woke up bright and early to head over to our favorite donut shop.
When Brad heard they had Thanksgiving dinner on a donut, he was quick to try it.
This boy and his love for Thanksgiving dinner... I may never understand, but he's a sucker for it!

Friday, October 12, 2018


Norah's Girl Scout troop took a trip to the local art museum.
Although there was so much to see, they enjoyed the kids area the most!


We spent the day breaking out the Christmas decorations!
This is one of my favorite days of the year!
Just like my mom had when I was growing up, I put on The Beach Boys Christmas CD, and start decking the halls!
The girls LOVE finding all of their ornaments that St. Nick has brought or they have made over the years, and hanging them one by one {in the same spot} on the tree.
This year we gave Piper the chance to put the angel on top, but like her Daddy, it appears somebody is afraid of heights and clung to Brad's neck for dear life.
Norah to the rescue!!!!  She's a pro at hanging the angel now!


**Also, I should add, since I'm posting this almost a year late... Piper now wears that pink heart dress that Norah is wearing in these photos.  Why do they grow sooooo fast??**

**Also, disregard the popcorn ceilings... Floridians love that stuff & none of us can figure out why!!** 😬

Thursday, August 2, 2018


One of my favorite memories growing up was cutting down our own Christmas tree.  In the days of artificial trees, we have driven many miles to be sure we can continue on the tradition of a live tree with our girls.
When we left Vermont and started moving further and further south, this became a real concern of mine, but we were always lucky enough to find a real tree and in Texas, of all places, we were still able to cut our own.  I know the girls LOVED this.
So, moving to Florida, I received a lot of recommendations for a few nearby tree farms.  I was so excited... I thought for sure we would find our tree at one of them, but what nobody told me is how most of them are already dying before they even leave the farms due to the high heat in Florida.  I mean, they even spray paint them purple when they turn brown to try to get somebody to buy them. 👀👀
We drove up near the Florida/Georgia line, but their trees were so short.  Then we drove an hour and a half south to another farm, and sure enough, theirs were all dying.  I knew for sure they wouldn't make it to next week, let alone Christmas.
At this point, Brad and I were exhausted so we decided that this year a tree tent would do the trick.  And, the girls were just as excited about running through all of the pre-trees as they were about the farms.  Apparently, they're much easier to please.
When we found our perfect tree, we loaded it up on the car and headed home.  Note to self: wait an extra week or two to buy a pre-cut tree next year.  They don't last nearly as long as the fresh  cut ones.  Lesson learned!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


It is no surprise that Christmas is my favorite holiday, but typically I have the willpower to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating.  
And this year I didn't skip a beat!
This is the first year in a while our tree wasn't going to fit in our living room, so I decided we would have to put up a small artificial tree in the living room to give that holiday feel.
And, of course, when Christmas decorations come out, Daddy makes the BEST cup of hot cocoa with his girls to get them in the spirit, too!


The air show was in town, so we packed up the car and stood on the hot tarmac in the blazing sun for hours!  But, the show never disappoints and the girls loved seeing the planes make different shapes and patterns in the sky.